I re-watch the entire run of The Office constantly. Seriously, it has been on in the background for basically everything I’ve ever written, including this.

By complete coincidence, I’m coming up on the episode where Steve Carell’s Michael Scott leaves his dream job to move across the country to be with his family. I don’t mind letting you know that I cry every damn time it comes around (along with the episodes where Jim and Pam get married, Michael comes to Pam’s art show, the series finale, and of course The Dinner Party, though that’s more from laughter).

And now I’m writing about a TV show to avoid finishing this post about how I’m shutting this website down.

I have a bunch of people to thank, but first a quick history of the site that is definitely not an obituary.

Pitch Black News, the original name of this site, was created early 2016 with the intention of covering San Antonio’s newest soccer team. I needed a place to write after my former digital home called it a day in 2015. Along with the new website came a podcast of the same name.

Darren Powell’s introductory press conference, the first event Pitch Black covered

The name Pitch Black came because we knew the Spurs were starting a team, but we wouldn’t publicly have a club name for several weeks. Hoping for the best, I went with “black” assuming the iconic silver and black would feature for the club. The first of many half-right predictions this site would make. The Two Ten Soccer rebrand would come when we split the podcast off from the site, and to make it more clear what we were covering.


Alright lets do this before I change my mind and end up renting office space or something.

First, and unquestionably most important, I want to thank my incredible wife and family for the support over the last three years with this site. I literally could not have done it without them. I would be homeless from not working and spending all my time watching soccer.

Following closely behind them, I want to thank anyone reading this or any other of our articles. The support we’ve received from the local soccer world still surprises me, and I hope I contributed to the community more than I took from it.

From the start, I wanted this to be a team effort. Jonathan Check, Steve Aibel, Aaron Marvel and Johnny Staudt stepped up in 2016 as writers, photographers, and podcast hosts. Jesus Miguel Garcia, Jose Mario Jimenez, and Larry Leathers joined as time went on. Each one of these guys added to the brand tremendously and it was a genuine pleasure to work with them.

On the written side, Check really took off and made the site his own. I’ve leaned on him to keep the wheels moving more times than I can remember, and it should be obvious to anyone the site’s content is just as much his as it is mine.

At the risk of ruining any journalistic neutrality I’ve pretended to have over the years, I’d really like to thank everyone at Spurs Sports and Entertainment / San Antonio FC for allowing us access to the club and for giving their time to help our product. I learned and grew as a professional from being around the club for the last three years, and I cant thank them enough for taking a chance on our little website.

Specifically, in no order, I’d like to thank Preston Petri, Luis Leyva, Anja Rosales, Tim Holt, Darren Powell, Andy Thomson, Nick Evans, Bobby Perez, and Dan Weiss.

While many SAFC players gave us their time, I’d like to specifically thank Rafa Castillo, Ryan Roushandel, Cyprian Hedrick, Diego Restrepo, Lee Johnston, Victor Araujo, and Connor Presley for sitting down with us for extended conversations.

This is the part where I’m sure I’ll miss someone, and apologize in advance for it. My professional (and personal) life is better for having worked with and around Sam Doerr, Kyle Kepner, Josh Beeman, Phil Grooms, Evan Villella, the entire ICS crew, Carson Merk,  Alicia Rodriguez, Jason Davis, Paul Tenorio, Mike and everyone at BGN, Mike and the Crocketteers, Ryan and Bob and the rest of 210A, MC118, and many many more.

Locally, thank you to Stephen Anderson, Chris Hockman, Roy Bragg, Ale Becerra, Geoff Sheen, Ari Tempkin, Terrence Thomas, and everyone at SA Soccer Round Table.

You all either helped me be less bad, helped me have fun, or both.

I’ll still be around podcasting with Larry Leathers, though we’ll be on a short break until mid-November 2018.

To quote the departing Michael Scott, “This is gonna hurt like a mother******.”

I know 2019 is going to hold some big changes for me in my personal life. I know keeping the site running at the same quality isn’t going to be possible. But man it sure has been fun. Outside of podcasting I’m not sure if I’ll be covering any sort of sports action. But the last three years of Pitch Black / Two Ten Soccer (along with the years before with the old site) have been a lifesaver for me.

I needed mental stimulation and socialization. I bit off more than I could chew with all of this, and I cant thank you enough for it.

Posted by Kyle Mahnke

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