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A handful of San Antonio FC roster moves have been announced. We’ll do our best to keep track of them all here to make things easy to follow along with until the season starts. “Confirmed” signings and departures have been announced either by a club or player. “Expected” are speculations and educated guesses based on info from the 2016 season and how the roster is shaping up for 2017.

Updated: Feb 23

While the addition of midfielders Juan Niño and Maxi Rodriguez should have dominated this update, the big news is that SAFC and forward Franck Tayou have mutually agreed to terminate his contract.

To fill his spot, San Antonio will have to seek outside help or turn to Cesar Elizondo, Shawn Chin, Victor Araujo, or AJ Ajeakwa to play as a central forward. Elizondo and Chin are the most likely candidates in my opinion, but anything could happen as Araujo continues his recovery from injury in 2016 and AJ gets comfortable in his new surroundings.



SAFC Game 9 Vancouver Goal Kick MC-0106

Confirmed Signings:

Rafa Castillo  11/1/16 M

Cesar Elizondo 11/3/16 F

Miguel Salazar 11/11/16 M

Victor Araujo 11/11/16 M

Matt Cardone 11/15/16 G

Franck Tayou 11/17/16 F

Michael Reed 11/22/16 M

Cyprian Hedrick 11/29/16 D (OKC Energy)

Stephen McCarthy 12/2/16 D

Kris Tyrpak 12/6/16 M (Swope Park Rangers)

Akwafei Ajeakwa 12/13/16 F (OC Blues)

Ben Newnam 12/23/16 D (Louisville City)

Greg Cochrane 01/02/17 D

Billy Forbes 01/10/17 M (Rayo OKC)

Pecka 01/18/17 M (Rayo OKC)

Lee Johnston 01/25/17 G

Ryan Roushandel 01/25/17 D

Kevyn McFarlane 01/25/17 D (Rochester Rhinos)

Devin Vega 01/26/17 M (FC Dallas academy)

Shawn Chin 02/02/17 F

Sebastien Ibeagha 02/03/17 D (Houston Dynamo, 2017 loans to RGV & Rayo OKC)

Juan Niño 02/16/17 M (Barranquilla, Colombia 2nd division club)

Maxi Rodriguez 02/22/17 M (UNC Charlotte)
OC 1-2437

Confirmed Departures:

Sebastien Thuriere M – Sheik Russel KC (Bangladesh)

Jason Johnson M – Phoenix Rising FC (Formerly Arizona United)

Josh Ford G – Retirement

Fejiro Okiomah D/M/F – Retirement

Austin Dunker D –  Logan Lightning (Australia)

Franck Tayou F – Released from contract

OC 2-2520

Expected To Return:

At this time, no additional 2016 SAFC players are expected to return.

SAFC Game 2-1-8

Expected To Depart:

Manolo Sanchez F

Carlos Alvarez M

Biko Bradnock-Brennan D

At this time, no additional 2016 SAFC players are expected to return.

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  1. […] team. We’ll do our best to track the landing spots of the 2016 squad here, much like our 2017 Roster Tracker. Note: the following list includes Bobby Moseley who joined SAFC on loan from Stoke City […]


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